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The Mask of Tamirella
award-winning post-apocalyptic adventure
a SynergEbooks Publishing House bestseller

Eric Hoffer Award Finalist
Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
"...a very well done book in a highly competitive category." ~ Writer's Digest 16th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

"Perhaps Dana was writing for the teenage audience, but she manages to capture us all in her timeless novel The Mask of Tamirella. She writes about life in a post-apocalyptic world that is a clear and present danger in today's society and it is a very good read."  Barbara Patterson, KFHX Radio, Mornings with Barb

"The magic of this tale lies in the straightforward narrative and the authentic, witty dialogue...enchanting, informative...a wonderful adventure story." WriteWords

"...Dana Davis is an incredibly talented writer. Davis does exceptionally well creating a strong sense of place for her novel...[The Mask of Tamirella] is a quick read that packs a great deal of action and excitement for young adult readers." Bards and Sages
Sixteen-year-old Caitlanna Mullen lives in a harsh world where technology no longer exists. In her post-apocalyptic society, she salvages priceless artifacts for trade. Cait's life takes an unexpected turn when she uncovers secrets she never imagined.

Will this sixteen-year-old survive in a place where death and injury are daily concerns? Can she quell her feelings for a man forbidden to touch her until she's older? One thing is certain - The secrets Caitlanna uncovers will change her world forever.

The Mask of Tamirella

Dangers of ignorance
Things aren't always as they seem
A single person can effect changes in their world
Impatience can lead to trouble
You don't always get what you want
Age doesn't always equal wisdom
It sometimes takes a village and/or a team to get things done

caves - the unknown
masks - hidden/secrets
forests - obscure/mystery
streams/rivers/lakes - hope/life

the quest - What is Caitlanna searching for and why?
the journey - What happens to change Caitlanna's views about her world and herself?
the realization - What does Cait learn? How does she grow?

Group project idea:
The world as you know it has been destroyed and you must rebuild a society.
Who will create your laws and how they will be enforced?
What type of monetary or bartering system will you have?
Who will record your history now?
How will you protect yourselves from personal danger? Knives, bows/arrows, etc...
Where will you live? What will you eat?
How will you school your children?
Who will be in charge of your medical needs and how will they receive training?

Individual project ideas:
Choose a character and create a poster using magazine/newspaper cutouts. How does that person relate to our world today?
Create a dig site diorama/display. What kind of items will you find there?
Create a PowerPoint or video book report. Get creative with visual and sound effects.
You have been transported into the book for a single day. Create your own short movie, play, or story about your adventure in this post-apocalyptic world.

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Teachers: The Mask of Tamirella is used as a teaching tool in high school classrooms (scroll down for discussion notes)

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"Author Dana Davis pleasantly weaves the excitement of discovery with the frustration and angst of a young girl rapidly growing into adulthood." ~ Armen Pogharian, author of the Misaligned series

How can a destitute orphan get an ordinary life? Seek out the valley sorceress, of course, a woman rumored to ride dragons and eat young men. Orphanage life was difficult, but her future terrifies her as she embarks on a harrowing journey fraught with magic and peril. Nara's life will be anything but ordinary.

Kidnapped.  Enslaved.  Trapped on an unfamiliar world far from home.  Fifteen-year-old Janai, a healer's apprentice, volunteers to lead others to freedom.  Will she succeed?  Or is the free-zone merely a fanciful story spread by desperate children?  Janai risks her life to find out.

Reader Comments

"This is one of my favorite novels. A must read for all ages. Brilliant character development and a convincing imaginative world." ~ JD2014

"Great story! The characters are very well rounded and the plot is engaging and believable...I highly recommend this book." ~ Amy D.

"I enjoyed the characters and the story." ~ Chris

"...one of my favorite books." ~ J. Keys

*Classroom discussion and notes for teachers/educators
Special needs classes might want to read in small groups with an aid. (Add your own ideas to the lists below and make them more complicated or simplistic, depending on your students' needs)
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Watch the original trailer
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Watch the original trailer
on Dana's YouTube Channel

A regular curriculum novel for special needs and 9th and 10th grade high school English classes. See classroom notes below.
Example of a student's project on The Mask of Tamirella
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